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Portance coffeeshop!au.


Logically Constance knew Aramis was hired to help her out, but if he didn’t move out of her way and stop flirting with all of the customers she was going to pour hot coffee on his arm as retribution.

She announced as such when the last ‘excuse me Aramis’ didn’t work.

Behind her someone was loudly guffawing; the kind that filled the whole coffee shop and while it was actually nice she still whirled around to glare in that person’s direction.

The scar that cross over his left eye was the first thing she noticed, followed by warm brown eyes filled with mirth; the man caught her glare and those eyes turned more apologetic, mouth turning up in a hesitate apology.

“Thought I might have to apologize to his new coworkers but didn’t think it’d be so soon.” The man’s voice was low rumble, he sheepishly scratched at his neck and glanced between Aramis and Constance.

“Porthos!” Aramis tore away from their customers to go greet his friend, awkwardly leaning over the counter to pull the man into a hug.

Constance rolled her eyes, just what she needed, another one like Aramis.


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In a different world Porthos is one of the suitors that Constance’s parents have her meet when they are trying to find a marriage for her. (also here on Ao3)


Constance tried her best to hide her yawn during the talks of her arranged marriage. This was just one of several prospects that her family had met with as of late, a tailor named Jacques this time whom seemed like the best match appropriate on the basis that she had a knack for sewing and enjoyed it.

Another time it might have interested her but Jacques Bonacieux was, on her assumption, completely dull. If this marriage would go through – and as the dutiful daughter aware that she was in the age range for marriage she knew it would have to – she had a feeling she’d have to force herself to okay with this.


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