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The flowers on her desk were new and if she had to hazard a guess, not replicated since they looked like the species that had grown on a planet they had just visited earlier that day.

Pretty as they were, and doubtful of any malicious intent but it was always good to be wary as the captain, it still begged the question of who was leaving them.

She idly granted access to whomever was at the door when it chimed, the flowers taking most of her attention still and Chakotay stepped in a second later, stopping shot and looking at the flowers curiously.

“I take it this means they weren’t from you?” Janeway raised an eyebrow at him.

Chakotay shook his head.

“I don’t suppose you saw anyone step into my ready room the last few hours?” She couldn’t help but want to find out who’d left them there; a mystery on her own ship that for once didn’t seem life threatening.

Chakotay looked thoughtful for a second, no doubt thinking back to his shift on the bridge but then shrugged, “Sorry Captain, maybe they were beamed in by a secret admirer.”

“Now there’s an idea.” She stepped around her desk and sat in her chair, swinging the computer towards her to try to look up transporter logs.

“Before you get into that thought, care to take look at some maintenance details first?” Chakotay sounded amused, grinning when she looked up.

“Yes, fine,” Janeway sighed, “This little mystery will just have to wait.”

She glanced over at the flowers one last time before turning her attention to the PADDs Chakotay had brought in.


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