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It's a pretty boring bridge duty until Deanna finds out something new about Tasha (also here on ao3)


It was a quiet day on the bridge; after a week of being so close to the neutral zone to evacuate a colony after a Romulan attack (though they’d never admit it) the Enterprise was on some down time.

Deanna had no doubt it would end soon but at least could take the time offered to skim through reports and write up her own.

Her suddenly very boring reports.


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Nov. 6th, 2015 11:45 am
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trope used: fake engagement/marriage 

also here on ao3


Tasha tried not to worry too much when Deanna didn’t show up for dinner at Ten Forward after their break, she had said she might not have been able to after all; but there was still that thread of worry inside her.

She blamed it on being the ships security officer and given all the incidences that had occurred over the years on the Enterprise she didn’t think her worry was that unfounded.

Which is why she found herself in front of Deanna’s room only half way through her meal and requesting access.

“Come in,” Deanna sounded agitated and when Tasha entered she saw Deanna pacing her room with a PADD in her hand, looking like she wanted to throw it against the wall.

“Something wrong?” The doors closed behind Tasha and she stepped in the way of Deanna’s pacing, reaching out to catch Deanna’s arm in her grasp, “Deanna what is it?”

“This!” Deanna growled, sounding almost Klingon for a second and Tasha wondered if she had been spending more time with Worf, and shoving the data PADD towards Tasha who took it gingerly.

Tasha scrolled through it, frowning, “I don’t see anything wrong with this, it’s just a list of ambassadors and diplomats and scientist. Are they in danger?”

“Only from my mother,” Deanna fell back onto her couch and sighed, “She sent me that. A list of ‘potential marriage material, really Deanna you must think of grandchildren soon’.” Deanna’s voice got higher towards the end when she imitated her mother and she groaned, “I love her but this is the sixth list she has sent me Tasha. At this rate I’m almost tempted to pick one and get it over with.”


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A shuttle accident leaves Tasha with some of Deanna's powers and the two of them struggling through it, and their feelings for each other, together. also here on ao3


The first thing Deanna remembered when she woke up was how warm Tasha’s hand as it had grasped her own had been; it might have been a nice dream except for the circumstances that had surrounded it.

With that reminder she shot up, gasping and flinching when a hand landed on her shoulder.

“Deanna it’s all right,” Beverly’s voice automatically relaxed her, it meant she was back on board the Enterprise and that they had gotten off that shuttlecraft and-

Looking around there was no sign of Tasha, a pit of fear unfurled in her stomach making her feel cold all of sudden.


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