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I just figured if I was gonna get this dreamwidth going I may as well get some fics up in here starting with my most recent: Supergirl!AU in which Skye takes on the title and falls in love with a scientist who works at the secret government organization she’s been helping out at. (also here on Ao3)


If there was one thing Skye had taken notice of since she dawned the red cape and tights it was how often labs seemed to blow up and, more specifically, how often they blew up when villains had noticed her hanging around them.

This had to have been the third time this month that SHIELD had been attacked and set a blaze and she idly wondered if maybe she should just sneak into the labs wearing her regular clothes so as not to be spotted next time.

“There’s a scientist still in the building, third floor, her way out is blocked.” May didn’t waste time on pleasant greetings beyond nodding her head at Skye once she landed, getting straight into the situation at hand and throwing her a tiny comm device that would fit in her ear.

“Got it,” Skye nodded back and then was off again, up into the air and flying through a window in the room May had pointed her to – the SHIELD specialist was already moving the rest of the team away from the lab in vehicles once she knew Skye had the situation.

She heard the coughing before she saw the scientist and turned on her x-ray vision to scan the room, seeing the scientist behind the table and holding a wet rag to her face.

It only took her a few seconds to grab the scientist and take another stock of the fire which had grown too large for her as of yet sad freeze breath – especially since it was inching closer to more explosives that SHIELD kept locked up in the vault on the first floor.

“We gotta go.” Skye muttered, shooting out the same window she came through and careful to protect the scientist in her arms, flying farther away from the lab in worry they might get caught in the blast.

About part way there the scientist in her arms started squirming and twisting.

“I don’t suppose you mind? I’m trying to save your life here and I need a good grip.”

“Oh, sorry about that.” Despite the apology the scientist had shifted enough that she was now facing Skye. “I do appreciate this.”

“Are you new?” Skye blinked, not aware she had stopped and was now hovering in the air with the scientist in her hands, she was certain she’d had noticed this woman before if she’d been at SHIELD.

“Not really, I’ve been with SHIELD for quite a while, I was only recently transferred here however after Coulson and his team started working with you. I’m Jemma Simmons,” She didn’t stick out her hand but Skye had a feeling she wanted to.


“It’s really okay,” Jemma dropped her voice, “I know your name is Skye.”

“Oh.” That wasn’t that surprising since most of SHIELD that worked for Coulson was in on the secret ever since she’d found her adopted brother Mike was working for them and had been recruited herself. “Well then Skye.”

“It’s very nice to meet you,” Jemma beamed at her, “Can I get some of your blood?”


Behind them the lab blew up.


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In a different world Porthos is one of the suitors that Constance’s parents have her meet when they are trying to find a marriage for her. (also here on Ao3)


Constance tried her best to hide her yawn during the talks of her arranged marriage. This was just one of several prospects that her family had met with as of late, a tailor named Jacques this time whom seemed like the best match appropriate on the basis that she had a knack for sewing and enjoyed it.

Another time it might have interested her but Jacques Bonacieux was, on her assumption, completely dull. If this marriage would go through – and as the dutiful daughter aware that she was in the age range for marriage she knew it would have to – she had a feeling she’d have to force herself to okay with this.


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Sam x Kasumi : they first meet when Kasumi sneaks on board the Normandy one day and it somehow turns into a game

also here on Ao3 for easier reading


Sam couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched, even going so far as running the ships sensors again but nothing came up beyond the usual.

She must look particularly puzzled over it because Shepard droped a hand to her shoulder a few minutes later and shot Sam a concerned look.

“Everything okay?”

“Yes, fine, I mean it all looks fine.” Sam frowned again. “There’s just…it almost feels like there’s another presence here. And I don’t mean like EDI and her being everywhere in the ship at once or like it’s haunted or anything…” She winces at that, trying not to think how many people lost their lives when the Collectors invaded the ship – she read the report after all.

To her surprise Shepard just sighed and then: “Kasumi you can stop now.”


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Both Ashley and Kaidan survive Virmire and in the wake of Shepard’s death are partnered up together and left trying to figure things out. 

also here on Ao3 for much easier reading


Shepard’s funeral is on a Thursday – not that it matters given the different methods of keeping time these days, but Ashley can’t help but note it anyway.

The whole Normandy crew, what’s left of it at least, is gathered solemnly at the front of the precession, listening as Admiral Anderson delivers a speech about Shepard and her greatness reaching out across the galaxy to inspire people.

Tali is crying, Ashley can’t see it but she can tell and it’s all too easy to wrap an arm around the small Quarian and let her lean on her shoulder. It’s not all that different than consoling Sarah when their father died, just an instinct in her to help someone she had just begun to think of as a sister.

Garrus pulls Tali away with him when he leaves, with a nod and what Ashley thinks might be a grateful smile but she can never really tell with Turians, he promises to get Tali back to the Migrant Fleet before returning to the Citadel – Wrex joins them even though it’s nowhere near Tuchanka and far out of his way and Ashley thinks those three will be all right.

She’s not sure she feels the same about herself as she walks back over to the rest of the Alliance crew – Joker looks as good as she feels, with his shoulders slumped and only vaguely nodding along to whatever Kaidan is trying to tell him.

“Kaidan’s right Joker,” Ashley says once she’s close enough, “This isn’t your fault.”

“Sure as hell feels like.” Joker mutters, then slips out of Kaidan’s grasp and into the crowd.

“Let him go.” Ashley grabs Kaidan’s arm when he starts to head after Joker, “Liara’s got this.”

The Asari walks past them on her way to catch up with Joker and it might be for be for the best, Liara’s been strangely quiet since Shepard’s death and any attempts to talk to her get halted before they even start.

Ashley can’t blame her, Liara loved Shepard after all.

“I guess,” Kaidan frowns and then turns back towards her, “What about you, how are you holding up?”

“As best I can.”

For whatever reason that almost makes Kaidan smile, his lips twitching upwards before he catches himself.

“You and me both.” He sighs and runs a hand through his hair and looks around, Anderson nods their way when they catch his gaze and they nod back in unison.

Kaidan looks tired, the only other time she’d ever seen him like before was…Virmire.

They still haven’t talked about that.

“Come on LT.” She tugs at the arm that’s still in her grasp. “Let’s get out of here.”


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also here on Ao3


The flowers on her desk were new and if she had to hazard a guess, not replicated since they looked like the species that had grown on a planet they had just visited earlier that day.

Pretty as they were, and doubtful of any malicious intent but it was always good to be wary as the captain, it still begged the question of who was leaving them.

She idly granted access to whomever was at the door when it chimed, the flowers taking most of her attention still and Chakotay stepped in a second later, stopping shot and looking at the flowers curiously.

“I take it this means they weren’t from you?” Janeway raised an eyebrow at him.

Chakotay shook his head.

“I don’t suppose you saw anyone step into my ready room the last few hours?” She couldn’t help but want to find out who’d left them there; a mystery on her own ship that for once didn’t seem life threatening.

Chakotay looked thoughtful for a second, no doubt thinking back to his shift on the bridge but then shrugged, “Sorry Captain, maybe they were beamed in by a secret admirer.”

“Now there’s an idea.” She stepped around her desk and sat in her chair, swinging the computer towards her to try to look up transporter logs.

“Before you get into that thought, care to take look at some maintenance details first?” Chakotay sounded amused, grinning when she looked up.

“Yes, fine,” Janeway sighed, “This little mystery will just have to wait.”

She glanced over at the flowers one last time before turning her attention to the PADDs Chakotay had brought in.


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also here on Ao3


Skye dreams in blue, pale blues that are only read about in fantasy novels, cast from twin moons in the sky and covering everything as far as the eye can see.

Sometimes when she wakes up she thinks she can still see everything around her that same shade in her dreams; but sometimes when she wakes up she’s standing in front of the door to the room that holds the monolith with her fingers just on the handle and she can’t remember how she got there.

The only person she tells is Mack, he is after all her partner now.

“This another power development?” He asks, masking it as a joke but there’s enough seriousness in his undertone that Skye can tell he’s worried.

“Hell if I know, there wasn’t exactly a handbook.” Skye sighs, dropping her head into her arms at the table they sit at.

“Maybe you should write one. Or ask someone.”

Skye glances up, “You mean Lincoln.”

He nods solemnly.

“Oh he’s going to love that.”


Surprisingly Lincoln answers her, telling her that he’s certainly never heard of this from any of the Inhumans he grew up with but also to never contact him again.

“Okay so I need you to watch me sleep.” She tells Mack after this, completely serious. “Just tell me if I say or do anything and stop me if I try to open that door.”

The door to the monolith where Jemma was sucked inside.

Maybe it calls to her too and she swallows hard, nails biting into her hand and she does wish she could be where Jemma was but more importantly that Jemma was here.

“The things I do for you, Tremors.” Mack grumbles but he’ll do it nonetheless.


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Portance coffeeshop!au.


Logically Constance knew Aramis was hired to help her out, but if he didn’t move out of her way and stop flirting with all of the customers she was going to pour hot coffee on his arm as retribution.

She announced as such when the last ‘excuse me Aramis’ didn’t work.

Behind her someone was loudly guffawing; the kind that filled the whole coffee shop and while it was actually nice she still whirled around to glare in that person’s direction.

The scar that cross over his left eye was the first thing she noticed, followed by warm brown eyes filled with mirth; the man caught her glare and those eyes turned more apologetic, mouth turning up in a hesitate apology.

“Thought I might have to apologize to his new coworkers but didn’t think it’d be so soon.” The man’s voice was low rumble, he sheepishly scratched at his neck and glanced between Aramis and Constance.

“Porthos!” Aramis tore away from their customers to go greet his friend, awkwardly leaning over the counter to pull the man into a hug.

Constance rolled her eyes, just what she needed, another one like Aramis.


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A shuttle accident leaves Tasha with some of Deanna's powers and the two of them struggling through it, and their feelings for each other, together. also here on ao3


The first thing Deanna remembered when she woke up was how warm Tasha’s hand as it had grasped her own had been; it might have been a nice dream except for the circumstances that had surrounded it.

With that reminder she shot up, gasping and flinching when a hand landed on her shoulder.

“Deanna it’s all right,” Beverly’s voice automatically relaxed her, it meant she was back on board the Enterprise and that they had gotten off that shuttlecraft and-

Looking around there was no sign of Tasha, a pit of fear unfurled in her stomach making her feel cold all of sudden.


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Nov. 6th, 2015 11:45 am
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trope used: fake engagement/marriage 

also here on ao3


Tasha tried not to worry too much when Deanna didn’t show up for dinner at Ten Forward after their break, she had said she might not have been able to after all; but there was still that thread of worry inside her.

She blamed it on being the ships security officer and given all the incidences that had occurred over the years on the Enterprise she didn’t think her worry was that unfounded.

Which is why she found herself in front of Deanna’s room only half way through her meal and requesting access.

“Come in,” Deanna sounded agitated and when Tasha entered she saw Deanna pacing her room with a PADD in her hand, looking like she wanted to throw it against the wall.

“Something wrong?” The doors closed behind Tasha and she stepped in the way of Deanna’s pacing, reaching out to catch Deanna’s arm in her grasp, “Deanna what is it?”

“This!” Deanna growled, sounding almost Klingon for a second and Tasha wondered if she had been spending more time with Worf, and shoving the data PADD towards Tasha who took it gingerly.

Tasha scrolled through it, frowning, “I don’t see anything wrong with this, it’s just a list of ambassadors and diplomats and scientist. Are they in danger?”

“Only from my mother,” Deanna fell back onto her couch and sighed, “She sent me that. A list of ‘potential marriage material, really Deanna you must think of grandchildren soon’.” Deanna’s voice got higher towards the end when she imitated her mother and she groaned, “I love her but this is the sixth list she has sent me Tasha. At this rate I’m almost tempted to pick one and get it over with.”


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Fitz is stuck in a groundhog day loop, reliving the day Trip dies over and over and doing everything he can to stop it (also here on ao3)


Trip was dead.

Skye was…who even knew at this point. Still Skye but something was going that she wasn’t telling them; panicking over both the loss of Trip and feeling trapped in the glass room now, just waiting for a verdict.

And Trip was dead.

He couldn’t say it out loud, it just kept repeating over and over in his head between every other thought and when he crawled into bed that night it was the last thing he thought of before he fell asleep.


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tight fit

Nov. 6th, 2015 11:48 am
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There's always danger in Starling City- and there's always some small space to hide in until it's passed too. (also here on ao3)


The problem was Laurel, or not so much Laurel as it was her new Black Canary outfit and that in of itself wasn’t a problem more…a distraction.

A form fitting distraction.

Felicity groaned, taking her glasses off to rub at her eyes and going back to the code she was trying to alter on the computer; not sneaking peeks where Laurel was conversing with Diggle about something.


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It's a pretty boring bridge duty until Deanna finds out something new about Tasha (also here on ao3)


It was a quiet day on the bridge; after a week of being so close to the neutral zone to evacuate a colony after a Romulan attack (though they’d never admit it) the Enterprise was on some down time.

Deanna had no doubt it would end soon but at least could take the time offered to skim through reports and write up her own.

Her suddenly very boring reports.


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